Afraid of heights? 

Afraid of flying? 

Afraid of social interaction? 

Afraid of spiders? 

Afraid of speaking in front of a group?

Most fears humans have can finally be highly effectively treated as well as provided to the masses due to significant price reductions thanks to these technologies. 


The majority of CBT-treatments have up until VR&AR-technological breakthroughs been a service for the rich part of the world and the middle class part of their societies. Just imagine how much it cost to bring your therapist with you every single time you need to practice confrontation with your phobia by the professional guidance which is also absolutely necessary. 

Soon that will be history. 

Providing psychologists with these techniques are the most significant tool and treatment revolution in the history of their profession. 

The patient can practice unlimited number of times without price increases. The option to tailor treatment methods in a more step by step manner is there. The therapist can also have a much closer guidance with the patient using flexible interactions of the virtual elements. 

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