“ We are now at the confluence of two immense revolutions. Biologists are deciphering the mysteries of the human body and in particular of the brain and human feelings. At the same time scientists are giving us unprecedented data-processing power. 

When the biotech revolution merges with the infotech revolution, it will produce Big Data algorithms that can monitor and understand our feelings much better than we can, and then authority will probably shift from humans to computers.. Given enough biometric data and enough computing power, external data-processing systems can hack all your desires, decisions and opinions. They can know exactly who you are." The ones who believe in the invented story of free will or think they cannot be manipulated, those are the ones that are easiest to manipulate. 

“I think the most important thing is to invest in emotional intelligence and mental balance, because the hardest challenges will be psychological. Even if there is a new job, and even if you get support from the government to kind of retrain yourself, you need a lot of mental flexibility to manage these transitions.

“The most important investment that people can make is not to learn a particular skill—’I’ll learn how to code computers,’ or ‘I will learn Chinese,’ or something like that. No, the most important investment is really in building this more flexible mind or personality.”







Never in history has it been more important to gain a deep understanding of yourself. Our brains cannot separate fiction from objective reality as our ability to believe in stories is infinite. States, religions, companies, money, ideologies, etc only exists in our imagination. We´re not saying this is necessarily a bad thing though.


This ability has made humans to cooperate with complete strangers in the number of millions and to be loyal to people they never met. It made us create democratic institutions, stand on the moon, and sequence our genome. 

Contemporary issues as for example the placebo effect and panic attacks are also consequences of how our brains cannot separate what is real and what is not. How could you tell, when it feels the same? 

What if technologies now can show us how this works instead of going through massive layers of intersubjectivity? Let's find out & let`s workout!

Yuval Noah Harari

VR- and AR-technologies will able us to finally merge body with brain and not separate them when analyzing, understanding and training ourselves. 

It’s what happens in our brains that define all of our lives. Even though knowledge within this field are still in an early stage, last decades brake throughs with for example nanotechnology have revolutionized our understanding to a level where we already can start of from a new ground level of understanding and foundation to reinvent the concept of training. Training to know yourself deeper is at least equally important as a strong heart and smoothly functional body. 

Your life is in your brain, so get to know your home and enjoy playful workouts or even both at the same time...

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